A honey based aperitif of 20% abv to enjoy with tonic or on the rocks. And see things differently.

You. See.
A. Bee.

48.398 bees, one drink

What happens when our expert distillers turn the purest honey into a smooth, elegant, 100% natural honey aperitif? You'll see things differently!

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Yusibi zonder fles
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Yusibi sfeer
YUSIBI, honey base aperitif

Bees create honey,

we created Yusibi

It's all about the bees, the honey and the flowers. So how about we show some respect for our nature and its gifts.

Don't just
call me honey

  • 100% Natural
  • All honey, but differently
  • Surprisingly versatile
  • Innovation of the ancient

YUSIBI is much more than just honey. With ancient roots and natural flavours, it will buzz you off your feet on every single occasion.

Bee different
Yusibi for every moment

Enjoy this bee-licious drink after work with friends to finish the day, before dinner to start the evening or at night, when you see things differently.

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Yusibi for every moment
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