YUSIBI brings you back to last summer when 48.398 worker bees buzzed among the blossoms and diligently gathered nectar.

By turning this nectar into the purest honey, these bees prepared their hive for the cold and harsh winter that was yet to come. Our beekeepers respectfully collected this natural gold and created with our expert distillers a 100% honey based aperitif. And captured it in this very bottle.

YUSIBI has an unmatched elegance and a smooth flavour. Surprisingly refreshing, slightly sweet, yet with a spicy twist. Catch the subtle aromatic floral notes and let them bring you to that very moment our bees were freely buzzing through the fields. Enjoy YUSIBI as an aperitif, with tonic or on the rocks. And see things differently!

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YUSIBI, honey base aperitif
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About Yusibi

Did you know?

Ages ago, Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Vikings shared a glass of mead to celebrate victories or create momories. Often referred to as 'honey wine', mead has been gaining back popularity over the last years. We chose to reinvent this precious drink with honey as the essence. And so we created YUSIBI, a unique and luscious honey based aperitif of 20% ABV.

Bees create honey,

we created Yusibi

To make YUSIBI we need bees, a lot of bees. 48.398 (!) worker bees buzzing around for nectar to turn into honey. So why not naming our drink after those brave little workers? YUSIBI, you see (like a) bee. A bee sees the world through a violet shaded lens. So step into the hive of YUSIBI and see things differently!

A 360° circle of honey

Honey is YUSIBI's key ingredient. It makes a 360° journey throughout the YUSIBI production process: from the distillation of our mead until the final refinement of our bee-licious aperitif.

We seed new flowers

To support nature and bees, YUSIBI seeds new flowers, year in year out. A necessary and sustainable support for our precious bees. Want to join? Give us a buzz and we'll provide extra seeds!

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